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The main objective of the Karnataka State Plan of Action (KSPA) is to build an enabling environment and social movement for ensuring zero tolerance for child and adolescent labour and ensuring desirable levels of learning among all children and adolescents, through the active involvement of all sections of society.

The specific objectives of the Karnataka State Plan of Action (KSPA) are as follows:-

  • To conduct surveys, census, case studies etc., and identify children and adolescents working in hazardous and non-hazardous occupations and processes in general forms of child labour and worst -form of child labour etc., under organised, unorganised and self-employed section of economy.
  • To ensure elementary education for all eligible learners in full-time formal schools and preventing working of children and adolescents for wages or for living in hazardous and non-hazardous economic activities.
  • Ensuring the benefits of socio economic security and welfare schemes and development programmes for the families of child and adolescent labourers.
  • To initiate convergent, co-ordinated and collective action for identification, release and rehabilitation of all children and adolescents from work.
  • To ensure the availability of standardized, uniform and quality transition education which enables the children and adolescents to cope with and continue in mainstream system of education.
  • To strictly enforce the provisions of child and adolescent related laws by enlisting and ensuring involvement of the officials of all line departments, academic institutions and civil society organizations.
  • To publish creative and innovative literature on the subject of child and adolescent labour for the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • To develop and utilize modern and advanced technology gadgets to efficiently and effectively work to accomplish the goal of KSPA.
  • To explore general and vocational education strategies for ensuring best possible rehabilitation programmes and enable the child and adolescent labour for decent work.
  • To take-up massive awareness generation and publicity programmes through community participation and by effectively organizing information, education and communication (IEC) activities involving both traditional and modern modes of mass communication.
  • To build optimum capacity among law enforcing authorities, by means of formal, informal and non-formal methods of training and education.
  • To compile authentic documents, which will serve as best possible sources of knowledge to be consulted by the stakeholders.
  • To evolve legal instruments / frameworks for the reference of authorities and other stakeholders.
  • To evolve schemes and programmes, which provide scope for optimum involvement of civil society organizations, corporate and all stakeholders , in the activities, which are supplementary and complementary to the goal of KSPA.
  • To establish standardised, decent and 24X7 functional, transit home-cum-training centres for rehabilitation of child and adolescent labour on public- private partnership model.
  • To create ‘Child and Adolescent Labour Free Zone-CALFZ’ using the twin strategies of prohibition and regulation as per the provisions of law.
  • To adopt integrated approach for the harmonious and combined implementation of the Child and Adolescent Labour (P&R) Act, 1986, the Right to Education Act, 2009, the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 and other applicable laws, with an aim of total rehabilitation and emancipation of child and adolescent labour with special focus on protection of child and adolescent rights.
  • To create a network of international and national agencies and utilize their expertise for organizing intellectual meets and research programmes.
  • To design alternative, innovative and quality non-formal education strategies like School on Wheel/ Mobile School, Tent-Schools etc.
  • To identify the geographical areas and commercial trades, which employ maximum child and adolescent labourers, in order to conduct organised raids for rescue and release of working children and adolescents.
  • To carry out vulnerability mapping of families, children and adolescents and linking them with social security, poverty alleviation and self-employment schemes/programmes.
  • To ensure that any intervention carried out to prevent or redress child and adolescents labour enhances the child’s/ adolescent’s quality of life and ensures a significant improvement in his/her physical, psychological, economic and life skills aspects.
  • To ensure that all children engaged in child and adolescent labour are released and rehabilitated in child rights friendly framework and provided with viable and sustainable short term as well as long term alternatives with immediate effect.
  • To strengthen political decentralization through the empowerment of children, local governments as well as local communities which are central to developing and implementing comprehensive responses both for prevention as well as redressal of child and adolescent labour.
  • To design Apprenticeship Programme for Adolescents (APA) as per provisions of the Apprentices (Amendment) Act, 2014 and provide them safe employment options that contributes to their skilling growth and development.
  • To recognise and strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of children and adolescents and to provide all required assistance to build on them for stable livelihood.

Duration of the Karnataka State Plan of Action

The period of Karnataka State Plan of Action (KSPA) is from 2016 to 2020.

    In keeping with the amended provisions of the Child and Adolescent Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986, the Karnataka State Plan of Action (KSPA) is designed to keep children and adolescents out of all work that deprives them of their childhood/adolescence, their potential, education, dignity and all round well-being. Through this KSPA, Government of Karnataka demonstrates its commitment to eliminate all exploitative forms of child and adolescent labour in its territory. The main motto of the State is to move ahead with all stakeholders in uni-direction and to realise the vision of ensuring education for upward socio-economic mobility for each and every child and adolescent labour in Karnataka.


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